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Guthrie & Co Hires Thousands!

Posted at June 30, 2012 | By : | Categories : Blog Posts | 0 Comment

Thousands of Honey Bees that is. Just this past weekend I decided to start a Honey Bee hive and what an experience it has been. I have a few friends that have Honey Bees so it didn’t take me long to figure out what I needed to get started with.
I found myself riding to Farmington late Saturday evening to pick up my ‘Nuc’. For all you “non beekeepers” out there, a Nuc is a term used to describe the box of bees you are about to buy. It contains all of your worker bees, the queen bee, some eggs and larva and a little bit of honey.
I arrived at my destination and in short order we were suited up with veils and gloves and in the field. (Side note here- You have to pick up your bees at night, that way all of the bees are back at the hive otherwise you would leave half of the hive behind if you picked the up during the day) The bees were screened off inside of the hive and they started their journey back to their new home. I was very surprised to see how docile the honey bee really is. After all the beating and banging they took from that ride home I was sure they they were going to nail me when I set them out that night. The next morning I placed them inside of their new hive body and started to feed them.
My goal this year is to get them to survive the winter and it is very late in the season to start a bee hive, but my boys and I wanted to do it anyway. We will have to keep feeding them until the winter gets here and hopefully they will have grown enough and stored plenty of food to survive the winter. Only time will tell.